• Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

    Got dirty carpets? There's certainly no lack of cleaning options, including buying a carpet-cleaning machine, renting one, or hiring a pro. We tried them all. While nothing beat the ease and performance of a pro, some of the machines we tested came pretty close for less money.

  • 8 Tips for Buying a Used Vacuum Cleaner

    Like most appliances in your home, vacuum cleaners are an investment that can make your daily chores easier. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to buy a new vacuum cleaner with all the bells and whistles. Instead of buying a cheap vacuum cleaner that won’t do a good job at cleaning your floors, perhaps you should look into buying a used vacuum cleaner that does have some of the accessories you want.

  • 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

    You need a good vacuum cleaner to keep your indoor environment clean and healthy. A poor vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, will give you a headache in more ways than one. When it's time to buy a vacuum, don't rush out and buy the most attractive model at your local big box store. Think of this purchase as an investment in your health and research it accordingly. Here are 5 essential questions to help you in the process:

  • What to look for in a floor machine ?

    Floor maintenance is both an art and a science. The same can be said for buying floor maintenance machinery. The many nuances include: choosing a a low speed buffer or high-speed burnisher; knowing which machine will do what; and determining compatibility, size, power and price.

  • Frequency for Cleaning & Maintaining Hard Floor Surfaces

    The 1 enemy in keeping your floors clean and in good condition is sand & dirt, followed by heavy equipment being dragged across it. Yes, foot traffic and general usage is a factor – but not in the way you might think. When people enter a building, they also bring in debris on the bottom of their footwear. In fact, 80% of dirt is tracked in via the front door of a building. As more people walk over the dirty floors the friction between the tracked in sand, dirt & debris and people’s shoes acts like sandpaper on the floor, causing the surface to get scuffed up and potentially damaged. That’s why it’s so important to have a daily or routine maintenance program in place.