• Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Floor Machine or Burnisher

    Floor machines are perfect for using any time you need a scrubber or a mop and you can use them just as you would a vacuum or a mop. Whenever the appearance of your facility is not up to your standards, it’s time to get the floor machine out. Remember, preventative care is much cheaper than restorative care and floor finishes can degrade fast depending on how much foot traffic your floor gets. Cleaning the dirt, debris and sand from your floors regularly will help maintain a brilliant shine.

  • The Best Industrial Vacuum for a Superior Cleaning Performance

    Industrial vacuum cleaners are powerful, durable heavy-duty appliances, custom designed to help you meet even the largest, most demanding cleaning needs of a facility. Whether the job requires you to lift light or heavy loads, wet or dry materials, solid particles or spilled liquid, there’s an industrial vacuum for that, but which one? Read this guide on how to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner and ask yourself these helpful questions to get started.

  • How to Choose an Industrial Vacuum ?

     Choosing an industrial vacuum is not easy. Industrial vacuums and commercial vacuums have an almost endless array of uses in industries and institutions these days.