Clepro C88B

1.  It can clean 1200 square meters - 2800 square meters per hour.

2. Smooth driving, the minimum turning radius of 1.5 meters, gradeability 30 degrees.

3. Equipped with three 600W AMETEK suction motors, low noise, long service life.

Super-clean ride-on scrubber dryer is an indispensable ideal ground-cleaning machine, which is with flexible operation, bilateral brushes design and high cleaning efficiency. It applies to municipal building site, square, super markets, factories, workshop and a variety of public places.

Technical Specification

  • Battery: 6 × 6V 310AH
  • Power: 2420W
  • Driving morto: 36V 700W 6A
  • Floor motor: 36V 900W 30A
  • Brush rotation speed: 170RPM
  • Water sucker motor: 36V 600W
  • Sucking degree: 160mbar
  • Noise: 59dB
  • Maximum Speed: 6.8km/h
  • Cleaning width: 820mm
  • Cleaning rate: 6800 m²/h
  • Water sucker: 1100mm
  • Clean watertank capacity: 125L
  • Dirty watertank capacity: 132L
  • Net weight: 233 Kg
  • Gross weight: 660 Kg
  • Size:1760 × 988 × 1360mm