Clepro C50B

1 - Compact design, imtagrated shell and handle, firm structure.

2 - Operation panel at a glance, convenient control simple operation.

3 - Sewage equips with full water device, protect suction motor.

4 - Choose brand batteries, chargers, long working hours.

5 - Clear water tank, sewage tank capacity is big, ensure to work long hours.

6 - Curved water squeegee, water absorption is more effective.

7 - Brush plate equipped with the protective cover to prevent the sewage from overflowing.

The control panel is clear and easy to operate. Compact as it is, it has a large water tank capacity. Mechanical parameters are diaplayed at any time, letting you be clear of the operational situation of the machine. With the curved water scraper, it makes better water sucking. The brushing disk is fited with a shield, preventing the sewage from getting out.

Technical Specification

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Working width: 510 mm
  • Water suction width: 770 mm
  • Cleaning rate: 2500m²/h
  • Brush plate: 510 mm
  • Brush rotation speed: 230rpm/min
  • Brush motor: 24V 550W
  • Brush plate pressure: 35Kg
  • Vacuum motor: 24V 450W
  • Vacuum degree: 160mbar
  • Clean water tank capacity: 43L
  • Dirty water tank capacity: 53L
  • Noise: < 65dB
  • Battery: 2 x DC12V 100AH
  • Net weight: 150Kg
  • Gross weight: 175Kg
  • Meas: 1250 x 630 x 960 mm