1. Tilting transmission mechanism design!
2. Sewage water level restrict the circuit board, it will automatically power-off when the water full.
3. The water steak increase the small wheel which can adjust the height!
Drive mechanism design makes detergent-changing more convenient. May be after thewater regulator arc Pa,water sucking more efficiently. All kinds of switches place on the operating handle so that the manipulation easier.Joystick can be sracked,split-style water tank design, transport more convenient.

Technical Specification

  • Voltage/ Frequency: 220 - 230V/ 50Hz
  • Rolling brush motor: 220 - 240/ 750W
  • Water sucker motor: 220V - 230/ 1000W
  • Brush rotation speed: 148RPM/min
  • Water sucker: 755mm
  • Brush diameter: 455mm
  • Brush pressures: 30kg
  • Cleaning width: 455mm
  • Cleaning rate: 1910 m2/h
  • Clean watertank capacity: 27.8L
  • Dirty watertank capacity: 31.3L
  • Cable: 18m
  • Net weight: 75.6kg
  • Gross weight: 98.54kg
  • Size: 965 × 615 × 1230mm